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Dr. Allan Zuckoff is a practitioner, trainer, teacher, consultant, coach, and author specializing in motivational interviewing (MI), an evidence-based counseling approach for helping people make positive changes. On this website you can read about MI as well as Dr. Zuckoff's professional experience and expertise, find links to MI resources (books, chapters, articles, and DVDs) and video of Dr. Zuckoff, and contact Dr. Zuckoff to discuss his services.

Fueling the Fire of Change
Read my latest blog post at Psychology Today online: Since When Do Doctors Ask for Permission?

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On June 21st, Dr. Zuckoff gave a talk titled "What's the Problem with Persuasion?" as part of the symposium MI & Persuasion: Opposites or Overlapping Forms of Influence?, which was the closing plenary session the 5th International Conference on Motivational Interviewing. Watch video of his talk and many other ICMI sessions.